The product

The Product The safety device is named ULSS Stegkoppling™, a coupling mechanism designed to T-connect two simple ladders whereby the lying ladder acts as an effective stabilizer for the standing working ladder. The result is a very stable working ladder that cannot slide in any direction regardless of ground surface and load variation. (ULSS stands for "Ultimate Ladder Safety Solution"). ULSS Stegkoppling™ eliminates the sliding risks and eventual fall accidents to 100 percent. The equipment can easily be anchored on steep ground surfaces ─ up to 45 ° slope sideways or backwards. The angle is adjusted, according to the degree of inclination, with a long adjusting screw on one end of the mechanism. ULSS Stegkoppling™ is a protected product, ready for the global market: • The PCT application was published on June 6, 2016 with ref. WO / 2016 / 085,399th. • The EU application was published by the European Patent Bulletin on 4 October 2017 with ref. 3,224,444th. • EU design protection is registered and archived with No 002587238-0001. Additional advantages of ULSS Stegkoppling™: • Fits onto all aluminum ladders with Nordic standard dimensions. • Also works on steep and very rouph slopes. • Quick and easy installation and handling. • User-friendly. • Takes little space and is easy to transport in the trunk of a car. • Comes in handy in work situations where other aids, such as skylift or scaffolding, are too complicated to handle, too expensive or redundant.