A Patented Safety Device that Prevents Fall Accidents According to the Swedish Consumer Authority and the Swedish Work Environment Authority, approximately 6,000 people are injured annually while using ladders. This makes fall accidents with ladders the most common form of workplace accidents in Sweden. The Swedish Consumer Authority estimates that the ladder accidents cost society approximately SEK 500,000,000 per year. When a simple ladder is used, half of all the accidents happen when the ladder slides backwards straight out. The ladder sliding sideways on the top-end is the second most common cause. Many of the fall accidents are also serious and lead subsequently to complications and persistent medical disability. Furthermore, it can be concluded that there are currently no products on the market that completely eliminate the sliding risks involved in using simple ladders. It is against this background that ULSS Engineering AB has developed a completely unique safety device that prevents fall accidents with simple ladders. More about this safety device under the tab "The Product”.